lele at "ONE DAY Berlin"

my good friend lea aka leleberlin and me go out regularly to take some portraits. so shortly before christmas we met to do so. we were already finished and ready for a warm place and a pizza.
as we walked down torstraße which is located in mitte we walked past a closed gallery where some red light attracted our attention so we stopped and watched the red lights moving through the installation. we wanted to get in but it was already closed so we tried to get some red light by standing close to the windows, but that wasn’t really it. at some point lea just pressed a button outside because we both thought it might change the colour of the light. it turned out it wasn’t - it was the door bell of the Benhadj&Djilali Galerie. but at this time we didn’t know and tried other angles when suddenly a woman approached us asking if we want to get in and take photos. we were completely surprised and were more than excited to get in. as we entered the gallery she introduced us to the installation by Adrian Sierra Garcia. she explained to us that it’s an exhibition about the mexico-us wall and we can climb through it and take photos if we want.

so that’s what we did of course!