i’m gonna tell you a story i’m very proud of. so i was recently in london and on saturday i met up with my friend glitch in hackney (read the story here). afterwards i was on the train back to the hostel and then a guy came in with a bmx. so far nothing special, but as i always wanted to shoot with a bmxer for so many years i thought this would be my opportunity because he didn’t have earphones in his ears so easy approachable. i approached him (fuck i was nervous) and after a quick chat he agreed to take some photos with me. we ended up shooting for about 30 minutes in the area around tower bridge. jason was the first ever stranger i asked for a picture and luckily asking him turned out so well as you’ll see below.

so without any further due, let’s jump straight in and enjoy the pictures with @jay_flatldn.
i hope you enjoy the pictures as much as enjoyed taking them!